How many times have I heard my own bloodcurdling screams and those of other call centre managers as we all frantically sift through our budgets looking for opportunities of ‘prudence’ to fund more staff when the call volumes are dangerously spiralling and we poor souls are still tasked with providing the speedy answers that our customers expect? The business, in the meantime, is sitting back, arms comfortably folded, complacent in the knowledge that “it’s not our fault but down to you lot in the contact centre to get it right”. Does that last sentence ring true for you? If so, relax, unwind those tensed up shoulders, breath deeply and calm yourself because your time has come! Your front line staff can help you unravel the stressful, self perpetuating spiral of calls and you can start holding the rest of the business to account. Sounds good to me!

Differentiating customer experience is so important for competitive business and all good call centres spend a lot of time training and coaching agents on how to make their customers journey a more pleasant one. Business’s look to software packages to deflect the customer from the costly contact centre interactions, using technologies and processes that add supporting operations and deliver what the business thinks the customers’ outcomes should be. But, and there is a big ‘but’ here, most of the time the customer would be happier not contacting us at all.


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