How is it that some 21st Century business can succeed without a marketing budget? Amazon, eBay and Facebook do!

They understand that today’s customers can easily and extremely rapidly share their opinions about your business – good and bad – to a very wide audience. Relying on marketing material to promote your brand will not change a formed or shared opinion. Equally customer satisfaction surveys and Netpromoter Scores are too slow a process to enable a business to deliver exactly what the customer wants when they want it without hassle and frustration. They are generally too little too late!

Basically the things that you do everyday to your customers have the biggest influence on how they feel about you. Here are some of the experiences you really want to be delivering, don’t you?

Short, sharp processes

Clear and consistent communications

Delivering exactly what the customer wants without repeated contacts

Doing what you say you will do

Empathetic contacts with time to listen

Adding value not wasting time

Having departments that talk and work with each other, sharing responsibility

Joined up processes that deliver timely outputs

Your first steps to an excellent ‘Customer Experience’ is understanding what is irritating or frustrating your customers every day and knowing how to drive the action that will change how you deliver that experience. The latest in our minibook series describes the process to follow


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