toomuchdata_dldLord Darzi’s vision is to “put the patient at the heart of everything we do with the provision of healthcare”. Budd’s latest minibook helps all providers of healthcare services in the NHS understand what this means for improving the end to end patient experience.

In the private sector, many companies have fallen into the trap of ‘information paralyses’ – simply, measurement without action. In the NHS, a the Performance Framework is being developed (by East of England SHA, for example) that will provide a patient experience measurement approach, but you need more.

· Feedback mechanisms that will tell you what needs fixing and help to prioritise time and financial investments.

· A system that will ensure the whole organisation continually works together to deliver the improvement outcomes.

Our research shows that the companies delivering the best customer experiences have worked hard to create a culture that engages front line staff in the improvement process – because they see the things that need fixing day after day – and holds to account the people who cause the problems in the first place.

This needs to be led from the top. How are you now going to implement these important cultural and systematic process changes to ensure you can deliver year on year improvements in patient experience?

Read the minibook to identify the challenges and opportunities in creating this new service culture in the NHS.


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