budd book launch 112Business leaders celebrated the launch of a revolutionary new book on Wednesday that resets the parameters of customer service in the digital age.

Delegates from across the business world gathered at the Globe Theatre in London to toast the new LimeBridge book ’Your Customer Rules! Delivering the Me2B experiences that today’s customers demand”. It explains the 7 emotional drivers for delivering legendary customer experience. It is the follow up to hugely successful “The Best Service Is No Service”.

Representatives from Direct Line, HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays and many others, converged to hear co-author and former Amazon senior vice president Bill Price evangelise on the changing relationship between businesses and their customers.

“The organisations we interviewed for ‘Me2B’, as the book is known for short, realise that social media and customer to customer conversations allow customers, not businesses to be in control. Literally, the customer rules.

“Traditional labels like B2B and B2C no longer figure; for the customer, it’s now ME2B all the way”, said Bill, whose first book, ‘The Best Service is no Service’ has helped transform organisations around the world.

As participants interacted, trying out the Me2B framework, there was a meeting of minds between the customer service leaders of some of Britain’s biggest companies, aspiring to serve their customers even better in the future.

Peter Peart from software firm Huddle said, “This is a really valuable event and the book’s action plan is something I can take back to the business environment and implement.”

During the well-attended launch, host Peter Massey from Budd received a great reaction as he helped delegates to use the Me2B framework to analyse examples of legendary customer service from both customer and employee perspectives.

Peter Massey, MD of Budd: “There was so much energy generated from the discussions of the Me2B framework – particularly how it can be applied in practice, how to use it to optimise multi-channel journeys and how to help senior teams think about delivering their brand at all touch points”.

As the event closed, delegates were treated to a video message from co-author David Jaffe all the way from Australia. David entertained the room with an impromptu ME2B rap, which had delegates buzzing with enthusiasm as they assembled for some post launch drinks.


books 1&2Your Customer Rules! Delivering the Me2B experiences that today’s customers demand” by Bill Price and David Jaffe is your passport to clear thinking on customer services.

From start-ups to complex organisations, the book’s 7 drivers of the modern customer’s needs is an essential handbook to plan your next advance in delivering legendary customer service.

Paul Nickerson