I was amused to peek into Contact Babel’s report on contact centres in the cloud to find an ever increasing number of ads, placed questions and advertorials from half a dozen suppliers of such things. The half dozen reviewed.

Given a healthy respect for Steve Morrell I did wonder what had gone wrong. But has it? The report is free as a result. You can skip the pages with a swipe of your hand (unless you’re on a MS laptop of course). You can ignore the blurbs.

But it is a bit like having a shop assistant keep popping out from under the clothes rack saying can I help you sir – are you sure sir – suits you sir.

On the same note, we did some research into web chat vendors recently and some are awful at repetitive interruption on their own sites!

A few years back a scandanavian telco tried to offer a free phone service, as long as you put up with the 10 second ads every minute. It didn’t fly. Youtube ads that prevent you getting into the content you want, often get short shrift – unless you really want the content you came for. But think about it, Google places ads above the thing you were searching on. So much so that pay per click is overtaking clicks even on own sites. In effect competitors are attacking companies with ads on searches they ought to ‘win’. Is it any worse than magazine article, surrounded by ads relating to suppliers of the subject?

So are ad pops in credible reports any more evil than search? Or just annoying? What do you think?

Perhaps the tiny blurb on page 70 listing other suppliers than those that advertised could have been given more prominence – its a nice fuller  list of suppliers to research.

Page 59 on benefits is interesting. Approx half end users think that cloud based contact centres have made any difference. 54% say its cheaper, 57% think its more functional than what they had before and only 44% thinking it was easier to make changes.

But read for yourself and see.

We put in the first cloud based contact centre in the UK into our business in 2000. I then invested in a business to bring a leading product to the UK from the US in the same year. It was too early alas but I’m glad to see cloud based contact centres didnt go away!

Note to self – Must stop being 10 years too early with my ideas 🙂

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