I listened to this twice through – some very simple ideas that really tie good personal communication to execution. From Allan Leighton when he was at the Post Office.


“People and customers as the 2 big things in business.

Why people win: getting the right people in, being very customer focused and executing well.

Strategy is the easy bit – doing it day in, day out, i.e. execution, is really what separates the strong from the weak.

Execution doesn’t take place in the board room – it happens in the front line – so getting close to the people who execute is fundamental.

The test of good communication is “did it happen?”. Its not there to keep people informed but to help execution happen.

Communication has become an unnatural act in business. After a pub conversation we don’t go back and make notes, newsletters or videos. We are choking people with things we think we’re doing for them. Communication is talking WITH people not AT them. If you talk at people you do not get execution.

We have 1000s of emails, videos, manuals and we think they’re communication – they all choke the communication and create treacle. Behind each one of them is a dept and everyone wants to add to it – treacle. Business prevention squads and nothing gets through.

I go direct to the operators – it doesn’t work otherwise. I know I get more chance of communicating with my people by writing an article in the Sun than going through layers and layers of treacle.

Communication is there to get execution.”

I like the simple and direct philosophy. It helps me see why people love our WOCAS processes – what our customers are saying. It connects people with what customers and the front line know. It connects the front line with what the organisation needs to know. In order to execute better.

What do you think?

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