It’s a small world. I’m in Singapore and Melbourne this week. And I owe a big thank you or two. I was supposed to be back in London hosting our Chief Customer Officer Forum after presenting in Singapore to help my French colleagues who have set up there. Hosting at a certain xenophobic newspaper strangely enough. But I turned east instead of west and came out to see my daughter who moved here a few weeks ago.

A UK friend phoned after seeing Facebook. I didn’t know he was here, but he’s just moving out here. And his business. We’ve got drinks later in a friends local – they just moved back to Shanghai after 10 years in Melbourne. Tomorrow I’ll spend with friend & colleague David. He emigrated 25 years back. Sunday we have brunch with friends who emigrated here 10 years ago. Monday we fly to Sydney to see my brother and his family. In Singapore this week I met up with my builder’s son who emigrated this year – he knew of my friends in Shanghai through his business and he also knows 2 of the people who were at our UK client meeting that I missed yesterday.

It is a very small & interconnected world.

The reports of what’s being said by our politicians in the UK this week appall me. One can viscerally feel the damage in conversations here and in Singapore, on the other side of the world.

So tell your MP and any racist friends you’ve got. I’ve a choice where I put my time. I can generate work for people in the UK. Or I can generate work for colleagues in Singapore or Australia. Or with an Irish wife I can focus on Ireland. In fact I can become Irish.

So can big businesses choose too. One executive at a time. Or together. And they do. And they will.

Heh but maybe I just read the wrong news reports online, or saw the wrong headlines. But so did everybody I spoke to in Asia/Aus.

So when you talk to any friends who think what’s happening is ok and that Brexit isn’t hurting, ask them if they know what people in other countries think. Ask them to look into it before they get too comfortable.

If I, proudly British, am ashamed to be British this week, if I am considering where to put my business efforts for next year, then consider that discounting people for whatever race, religion, creed, colour may include discounting the ones they do need as well as the ones they don’t. People, of every race, wherever domiciled, are not political commodities to be talked about lightly.

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