Accountability – it all comes down to litter

Does anyone get prosecuted for lying, misuse of public funds? Not even sacked ? Does it matter if they do or they don’t? Accountability has an important role to play in sustaining any business, charity or community. If there is no accountability, how can we expect decent society to function ? – only as a […]

Reflecting on a week of stretching both brain and body

My annual time out was this year taken in isolation rather with colleagues. A week in Rome to fulfil a long held ambition to learn Italian – well at least some Italian, not all of it! A 3 hour per day morning course (with Koiné) using very practical workshop techniques. And what lovely people from […]

It’s a small world after all

I was introduced to a stranger today. She said 3 people had mentioned me in the last week as someone she should meet as she is starting a business. Her first start up. In the first 5 minutes we found we had friends in common and she knew someone who lived in the same road. […]

Moving from first contact resolution to no contact resolution and first look resolution

There’s a big shift going on in the best businesses. They’re moving on from thinking like businesses who treat customers really really well. And instead,  they’re thinking like customers who want really really good suppliers to meet their needs. That’s what we call “Me2B” – the subject of our latest book “Your Customers Rule! Delivering […]

If you had to vote in your boss…..

Last week’s election shifts might be interesting if they applied in your work life. What if every CEO and board director was elected and you had a vote. I wonder what it would look like? The first thing would be what’s the voting system –  do your votes “count” depending on first past the post […]

Great conversations – are they part of your work?

Blimey, in the process of changing all my passwords I noticed a metric of “been busy last qtr”.  I hadn’t added anything to the blog in 2 months. The other metric was rolling through “photos in Facebook”. I see we’d had a busy life as well as a busy work life! So much so we […]