The shipper is your retail experience – what travel companies can learn

A delay due to Storm Ciara means I didn’t get back yesterday – or today. Easyjet sort of coped. But there’s a lot of effort on both sides and lots of mopping up to do regarding payments and reclaims. On the good side, their app was actually up to date, the delay alerts came through […]

You’re stealing my life!

I often start with the ‘morning list’ when I talk at conferences about removing service effort and creating the emotions that match your brand. You know the tasks that auto-pop or a list on a bit of paper or the stickies around your screen. Not the ones for work. The jobs that have to be squiggled in between meetings. The […]

The Best Service Is No Service, Article 3, Compelling Self Service

Self service has a dirty name with a lot of consumers. “I hate those touch tone menus that go on for ever”. “It takes forever to get a quote on the website and then you can get it cheaper by phone anyway”. “The FAQs are way out of date and don’t help”. Yet when done […]

The Best Service Is No Service, Article 1, Concept and Introduction

In this first installment Peter Massey looks at chapter 1 of our book, “The Best Service Is No Service” and introduces the principles of “Best Service,” discussing why the causes of service have to be challenged.   Please log in or register an account to download this article.  

Why The Best Service is No Service

Stop coping with customer demand for service, which simply increases customers’ frustration; instead, challenge customer demand for service so that, ideally, everything works perfectly, eliminating defects and confusion so that there is no need at all for customers, or even prospective customers, to contact the company for information or for help. While challenging demand for […]