What can you learn from Nick Sanderson?

Today was the first day for 5 months with no builders in the house. Some good food and good music and a chance to pause, to enjoy work. #resetthecompass After months of stressful rubbish, I feel like I’d lost the compass a little as the bits and pieces of a building project took over and […]

Why do dumb decisions get made? 9 things to consider

I just watched a live TV cast from speaker agency JLA, given by the undercover economist Tim Harford and Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland. Tim’s new book is called Messy https://www.amazon.co.uk/Messy-Creative-Resilient-Tidy-Minded-World/dp/1408706768 Fascinating session which helped explain a few thoughts and helped me understand some of the successes we’ve had in the past year. And I drew a […]

Winning at any price

Lewis Hamilton went down a long way in my estimation yesterday. For sulking afterwards … really. Vettel went up for not ruining Rosberg’s day by doing anything rash. Lewis was right to make a race happen in my view, but he left it way too late and probably knew it. Anything else is unreasonable to […]

Don’t be surprised. Listen harder

Why is it not surprising? What matters? 1) I’m struck by UK listening conversations I’ve had since Brexit. Two of them, educated wealthy people, saying they wanted to kick the politicians at any price. 2) Add in that people who don’t have much are getting less and outnumber the people who have a lot and […]

The opposite of honesty is….not speaking out

I’m conscious not to bring my politics to Linked In followers. Normally, whatever that is.  BTW I’m an agnostic – I don’t believe any politician over another. But I respect that they do the job I’m not prepared to do and in any democracy, someone has got to do it. But I feel I should […]

Are you an important stranger?

Practise hospitality this Xmas season. Sadly I heard today that the chaplain from my college days died this week. Here’s a little story of why he matters. I hope you won’t mind me sharing with you a story about him and how he changed my life. I hope it brings a smile to you and […]

Does anyone want a bottle of champagne?

Some weeks take it out of you, some weeks energise you. Some weeks do both and you know it’s been A week. In a week in which a couple of the big customer and contact centre conferences took place and the announcement of the spending review, I was tied up with some fascinating sessions and meetings. Client […]

Do you use powerpoint with optional thinking vs thinking with optional powerpoint?

  I was struck on reading this very good article about how powerpoint is killing critical thought and its impact on the quality of lectures at universities. I recognise the complaint that bullet points damage learning. And I recognise that for many people, talking to a group is one of the scariest things you have to do short of jumping out of a plane. […]

The way our brains work ( part 2)

Do you remember “Je suis Charlie”? Could you say when it happened? Could you say the number of people killed? Do you remember 2000 people being killed by Boko Haram in the same week? It was only this year, at the end of January. At the time I wrote a blog that provoked a lot […]

Pre and post the raspberry moment

I met up with an old friend in a bandage tonight who told me an interesting story. Not the one about how the chainsaw missed the artery. But about picking raspberries. In his dressing gown. And having a profound revelation. And no madam – it didn’t involve prickly things. He’d gone down early in the […]