The way our brains work ( part 2)

Do you remember “Je suis Charlie”? Could you say when it happened? Could you say the number of people killed? Do you remember 2000 people being killed by Boko Haram in the same week? It was only this year, at the end of January. At the time I wrote a blog that provoked a lot […]

Pre and post the raspberry moment

I met up with an old friend in a bandage tonight who told me an interesting story. Not the one about how the chainsaw missed the artery. But about picking raspberries. In his dressing gown. And having a profound revelation. And no madam – it didn’t involve prickly things. He’d gone down early in the […]

Budd’s 14th birthday

Today marks Budd’s 14th birthday. Quite a long time in anyone’s career. An absolute pleasure. And when it’s not been, I’ve changed things. Easy for me. But what about you? It got me thinking about 2 things: how time feels & the nature of contracts. In my early career I worked for a great firm […]

It’s a small world after all

I was introduced to a stranger today. She said 3 people had mentioned me in the last week as someone she should meet as she is starting a business. Her first start up. In the first 5 minutes we found we had friends in common and she knew someone who lived in the same road. […]

Self managing teams – 5 things I learned

Tony Hseih’s letter to staff about taking up Holacracy (r) or taking the well paid exit at Zappos prompted some exchanges on Linked In. explains what is meant by Holacracy – self governing groups. The Fast Company post about Tony’s ultimatum to staff is at And Forbes Magazine gives context and has a good challenge […]

The way our brains work

Everyone rightly condemns what has happened and is happening in France this week.  But stepping back I am struck by the difference between the news as curated by the news companies and the news as mediated by my friends, both on and off line. And the self serving reactions of politicians & pundits. Thursday I […]

If you had to vote in your boss…..

Last week’s election shifts might be interesting if they applied in your work life. What if every CEO and board director was elected and you had a vote. I wonder what it would look like? The first thing would be what’s the voting system –  do your votes “count” depending on first past the post […]

Great conversations – are they part of your work?

Blimey, in the process of changing all my passwords I noticed a metric of “been busy last qtr”.  I hadn’t added anything to the blog in 2 months. The other metric was rolling through “photos in Facebook”. I see we’d had a busy life as well as a busy work life! So much so we […]

Ten examples of crowdsourcing

Companies are seen as the problem not the solution Despite the often trotted out corporate rhetoric about “putting the customer at the centre of everything we do”, for many people, the relationships with their chosen brands has come to represent an “arms length” association. Companies are often seen as the problem rather than the solution. […]

GiffGaff a business strategy based on crowdsourcing and crowdservicing

When Peter Massey, founder of Budd, sent a link to the giffgaff Wikipedia entry it really set off a debate amongst the Budd team. “A great example of what we talk about” sprang to mind. “why are O2 funding it and what are they learning?” and “what a strange name” followed quickly. Tony Weimer looks […]