What can you learn from Nick Sanderson?

Today was the first day for 5 months with no builders in the house. Some good food and good music and a chance to pause, to enjoy work. #resetthecompass After months of stressful rubbish, I feel like I’d lost the compass a little as the bits and pieces of a building project took over and […]

Winning at any price

Lewis Hamilton went down a long way in my estimation yesterday. For sulking afterwards … really. Vettel went up for not ruining Rosberg’s day by doing anything rash. Lewis was right to make a race happen in my view, but he left it way too late and probably knew it. Anything else is unreasonable to […]

Leadership by perception

#Manflu so a day off and time to ponder “Leadership by perception” and then how it applies to the approaching recession. Learning by listening outside your bubble I have spent a fair bit of time trying to understand by listening harder to people who voted out of Europe. In my small sample there are 3 […]

The opposite of honesty is….not speaking out

I’m conscious not to bring my politics to Linked In followers. Normally, whatever that is.  BTW I’m an agnostic – I don’t believe any politician over another. But I respect that they do the job I’m not prepared to do and in any democracy, someone has got to do it. But I feel I should […]

How to handle truth in a post-factual era

Never waste a good crisis. Take this debate to your board colleagues as to how “post-factual” you are. What is this “post-factual” era? The blurring of fact and fiction. The removal of the link between claim and evidence. For example, I listened to the Police Chief Of Yorkshire arguing on Radio 4 last week it was his […]

Actions speak louder than ears

What makes a “doer” i.e. someone who gets stuff done? The kind of person you want on your team every time. The kind of person whose team you want to be on. Fitness, sleep, energy. Pace, delivery, cycle time. Decision making, leadership, success. Fitness, sleep, energy. Pace, delivery, cycle time…… I’ve been thinking about these […]

Would you prioritise differently if your KPIs were pain, hope and death rate?

It’s quite “interesting” to read the political rhetoric of the NHS, the statistics of an ageing population, changes in social care and responsibilities due to cuts to local authority budgets – all whilst experiencing the day to day of a mother with a broken pelvis and elbow who has gone from poorly to very ill […]

Adding maths to your madness

I was struck this week by some amazing results that a large client team had delivered with us. And reflecting on what did and didn’t work I started to wonder. As a physicist, I remember something that still fills me with wonder. How people can put their ideas into maths and then find a ‘remainder’ […]

Could you lead every day like Sir Alex?

I just watched Nick Robinson’s piece on Sir Alex Ferguson’s leadership abilities and what we can learn from him. It’s running on BBC iplayer for the next few weeks. Obviously as a life long Man United fan, it’s fascinating. The themes of respect, discipline and hard work. The daily recognition of every single member of staff. […]

Do you see ‘amoral leadership’ ?

I experienced a fabulous discussion yesterday about ‘amoral leadership’, a concept which echoed throughout the day. This letter to the Times sums it up quite nicely. It’s a doctor’s comment on the suggestion that normal hours for junior doctors will be 7am til 10pm, Monday to Saturday. Not quite what the people suggesting it do. Is […]