Winning at any price

Lewis Hamilton went down a long way in my estimation yesterday. For sulking afterwards … really. Vettel went up for not ruining Rosberg’s day by doing anything rash. Lewis was right to make a race happen in my view, but he left it way too late and probably knew it. Anything else is unreasonable to […]

How to handle truth in a post-factual era

Never waste a good crisis. Take this debate to your board colleagues as to how “post-factual” you are. What is this “post-factual” era? The blurring of fact and fiction. The removal of the link between claim and evidence. For example, I listened to the Police Chief Of Yorkshire arguing on Radio 4 last week it was his […]

Sustaining feedback from the frontline

If knowledge were paid for in gold the agents would be the wealthiest people in your business. Why? Because they really know what causes the customers to call, they recognise what’s gone wrong and the reasons why the customer is irritated and they want it put right. They deal with it everyday, but does anyone […]