Creating room to be Great

It’s reasonable to ignore decisions in the past and what you do because of new circumstances. Let’s call it the Hammond principle. It’s common sense. What’s the fuss? “The government, he said, faced “some new challenges which we have to rise to”. Referring to the extra £2bn committed to adult social care in the Budget, […]

Would you prioritise differently if your KPIs were pain, hope and death rate?

It’s quite “interesting” to read the political rhetoric of the NHS, the statistics of an ageing population, changes in social care and responsibilities due to cuts to local authority budgets – all whilst experiencing the day to day of a mother with a broken pelvis and elbow who has gone from poorly to very ill […]

Moving from first contact resolution to no contact resolution and first look resolution

There’s a big shift going on in the best businesses. They’re moving on from thinking like businesses who treat customers really really well. And instead,  they’re thinking like customers who want really really good suppliers to meet their needs. That’s what we call “Me2B” – the subject of our latest book “Your Customers Rule! Delivering […]

The Right Metrics

Jonathan Wilson, a specialist in leadership coaching and change management, at Budd, affirms that the right customer service metrics are fundamentally a ratio between how much real value you can create and how little time, cost or transactions you need to create that value. Only the ‘very best’ companies like Amazon and Southwest Airlines comprehend […]

Management information basics in contact operations

A contact centre’s ability to gather data far exceeds its ability to analyse the data, which far exceeds its ability to use the data to create performance improvement. There is an enormous amount of data that can be found, observed or created in customer facing environments, especially in call/contact centres. Some call centres employ literally […]