Pre and post the raspberry moment

I met up with an old friend in a bandage tonight who told me an interesting story. Not the one about how the chainsaw missed the artery. But about picking raspberries. In his dressing gown. And having a profound revelation. And no madam – it didn’t involve prickly things. He’d gone down early in the […]

You’re stealing my life!

I often start with the ‘morning list’ when I talk at conferences about removing service effort and creating the emotions that match your brand. You know the tasks that auto-pop or a list on a bit of paper or the stickies around your screen. Not the ones for work. The jobs that have to be squiggled in between meetings. The […]

It’s renewal time again – how insurance has moved on. Or not.

Had to spend a bit of time late last night, continued this morning, to insure my Land Rover. Very pleasing to see how some things have moved on. And some haven’t. So here’s the latest journey between me and my suppliers, tracked ‘Me2B‘ style. Any comments from insurers welcomed, on or offline. To be honest […]

Moving from first contact resolution to no contact resolution and first look resolution

There’s a big shift going on in the best businesses. They’re moving on from thinking like businesses who treat customers really really well. And instead,  they’re thinking like customers who want really really good suppliers to meet their needs. That’s what we call “Me2B” – the subject of our latest book “Your Customers Rule! Delivering […]

What’s occurring? Some schizophrenic thoughts on changing times

Same old same old? A few thoughts on what changed over the last year…or not  1) Change is slower than we think Change is glacial – it moves but mostly imperceptibly until it cracks. That’s because most problems are human. And human nature evolves over generations. Resistance to change, decision making, risk aversion outweigh entrepreneurial […]


The book 2 saga has moved on at pace in the last few months. David and Bill have been burning the midnight/early morning oil and a  draft has gone to the publishers for final edit. The target publishing date is October/November. It’s hoped to go into French and Spanish from the outset as a client […]