Leadership by perception

#Manflu so a day off and time to ponder “Leadership by perception” and then how it applies to the approaching recession. Learning by listening outside your bubble I have spent a fair bit of time trying to understand by listening harder to people who voted out of Europe. In my small sample there are 3 […]

The opposite of honesty is….not speaking out

I’m conscious not to bring my politics to Linked In followers. Normally, whatever that is.  BTW I’m an agnostic – I don’t believe any politician over another. But I respect that they do the job I’m not prepared to do and in any democracy, someone has got to do it. But I feel I should […]

How to handle truth in a post-factual era

Never waste a good crisis. Take this debate to your board colleagues as to how “post-factual” you are. What is this “post-factual” era? The blurring of fact and fiction. The removal of the link between claim and evidence. For example, I listened to the Police Chief Of Yorkshire arguing on Radio 4 last week it was his […]

Stolen phone: have you designed a moment of truth or undesigned a car crash?

Having had to fight off a would-be phone thief recently in Turin, I’m probably pretty aware as these things go. But not aware enough even for a rough looking Gare du Nord RER station. All the warning signals were there from lack of staff, people skipping trains, furtive eyes. All the zips were zipped etc. […]

Reflecting on a week of stretching both brain and body

My annual time out was this year taken in isolation rather with colleagues. A week in Rome to fulfil a long held ambition to learn Italian – well at least some Italian, not all of it! A 3 hour per day morning course (with Koiné) using very practical workshop techniques. And what lovely people from […]