Creating room to be Great

It’s reasonable to ignore decisions in the past and what you do because of new circumstances. Let’s call it the Hammond principle. It’s common sense. What’s the fuss? “The government, he said, faced “some new challenges which we have to rise to”. Referring to the extra £2bn committed to adult social care in the Budget, […]

Is the telecom market competitive?

In language that reminded me of a utility company, Sky’s agent Rhys told me that the recent price rise in line rental and call charges were just to bring themselves up the levels other suppliers had risen to. I don’t normally ring up about price rises. But given they were circa 10% at a time […]


Looks like EDF gets to keep my business #honestyworks What? Why? What’s he on about? My Facebook and news feeds are a frenzy of stories about lying in public office, both sides of the pond. So much so that the Newsthump mickey taking story about £350m for the NHS feels flat compared to actual stories admitting […]

Don’t talk about me

Listening to this Economist article is different from reading it. Because they keep saying “Alexa” and Alexa is always listening and recognises her name…… Interrupts continue until they ask Alexa the weight of the sun in grams, an endless answer, and then tell her firmly to stop. Which stops the podcast too – as I’m […]

What can you learn from Nick Sanderson?

Today was the first day for 5 months with no builders in the house. Some good food and good music and a chance to pause, to enjoy work. #resetthecompass After months of stressful rubbish, I feel like I’d lost the compass a little as the bits and pieces of a building project took over and […]

“The Best Service Is No Service” Installation experiences for IoT

As the kitchen project has gone live, I’ve been struck by the quality of thinking and execution from Amazon Echo, Nest and Ring. “The Service is No Service” starts in the design phase. And I’ll illustrate the differences to bring out the level of thinking invested by these companies. They all require you to download their […]

Why do dumb decisions get made? 9 things to consider

I just watched a live TV cast from speaker agency JLA, given by the undercover economist Tim Harford and Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland. Tim’s new book is called Messy Fascinating session which helped explain a few thoughts and helped me understand some of the successes we’ve had in the past year. And I drew a […]

Winning at any price

Lewis Hamilton went down a long way in my estimation yesterday. For sulking afterwards … really. Vettel went up for not ruining Rosberg’s day by doing anything rash. Lewis was right to make a race happen in my view, but he left it way too late and probably knew it. Anything else is unreasonable to […]

Don’t be surprised. Listen harder

Why is it not surprising? What matters? 1) I’m struck by UK listening conversations I’ve had since Brexit. Two of them, educated wealthy people, saying they wanted to kick the politicians at any price. 2) Add in that people who don’t have much are getting less and outnumber the people who have a lot and […]

A tale of two cities: The Internet of Things versus the Aga

Going through a kitchen rebuild….read half a house house rebuild…..I thought I’d check out all the internet of things I can buy for a kitchen or connected house. I did it out of interest in the earlier stages, but found nothing that life changing. Yes I could put a turkey in the microwave and it […]