Treating Customers Fairly

By the end of March 2008, firms within the financial services sector are expected to have appropriate management information (MI) or measures in place to test whether they are treating their customers fairly. By the end of December 2008 all firms are expected to be able to demonstrate to themselves and to the FSA that […]

Managing demand

How much has really changed in your business over the last 5 years? What have you implemented that has really improved customer satisfaction and cost to serve? Does it make a difference? Is the customer satisfaction score showing improvement or are demand volumes still rising? This article starts to give some answers as to how […]

Digging for Gold

How many times have I heard my own bloodcurdling screams and those of other call centre managers as we all frantically sift through our budgets looking for opportunities of ‘prudence’ to fund more staff when the call volumes are dangerously spiralling and we poor souls are still tasked with providing the speedy answers that our […]

Sustaining feedback from the frontline

If knowledge were paid for in gold the agents would be the wealthiest people in your business. Why? Because they really know what causes the customers to call, they recognise what’s gone wrong and the reasons why the customer is irritated and they want it put right. They deal with it everyday, but does anyone […]

Harnessing WOCAS – the Do’s and Dont’s

“What our customers are saying” – or WOCAS is a powerful tool and unique process available from Budd. Even though our clients can share reams of data on their contact volumes and annual survey results, they can rarely tell us what frustrates their customers most or the root cause of their problems. The best place […]

How to Manage the Customer Experience

Everybody running a customer service operation knows that it’s essential to have a clear idea of how their team is performing. Unfortunately, in many cases, the methods they choose to measure this are actually doing them more harm than good: does your organisation record and store heaps of data without witnessing any changes in performance? […]

Harnessing WOCAS

Whenever I start a new project I want to get as close to the customer as possible, trying to discover “what our customers are saying” (or, WOCAS). Even though our clients can share reams of data on customer contacts, usually via hundreds of reason or contact codes, most of those data are worthless (agents often […]