Creating room to be Great

It’s reasonable to ignore decisions in the past and what you do because of new circumstances. Let’s call it the Hammond principle. It’s common sense. What’s the fuss? “The government, he said, faced “some new challenges which we have to rise to”. Referring to the extra £2bn committed to adult social care in the Budget, […]

Is the telecom market competitive?

In language that reminded me of a utility company, Sky’s agent Rhys told me that the recent price rise in line rental and call charges were just to bring themselves up the levels other suppliers had risen to. I don’t normally ring up about price rises. But given they were circa 10% at a time […]

Why do dumb decisions get made? 9 things to consider

I just watched a live TV cast from speaker agency JLA, given by the undercover economist Tim Harford and Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland. Tim’s new book is called Messy Fascinating session which helped explain a few thoughts and helped me understand some of the successes we’ve had in the past year. And I drew a […]

Performance: Are you heading for the summit or the closed loop?

I had the great pleasure of working with Alan Hinkes last week. It was the start of the 10th year of our Chief Customer Officer Forum and we were honoured to host Alan. Who? What – you’ve never heard of one of the UK’s greatest sporting achievers? Imagine a cyclist who was brave enough to win a race in […]

GiffGaff a business strategy based on crowdsourcing and crowdservicing

When Peter Massey, founder of Budd, sent a link to the giffgaff Wikipedia entry it really set off a debate amongst the Budd team. “A great example of what we talk about” sprang to mind. “why are O2 funding it and what are they learning?” and “what a strange name” followed quickly. Tony Weimer looks […]

Why dont we listen prioritise and act on what our customers are telling us

In this article, Ian Morton, Budd’s Consulting Director, discusses how many companies, who claim to be customer centric, are failing to prioritise and drive their business change programmes based on what their customers really experience. He provides guidance for improvement and clear action steps to help you get there. Budd has a phrase ‘It’s raining […]

A beginner’s guide to speech analytics

Speech recognition software has been around for many years but only in the last decade have commercial-strength applications been developed. Nowadays there are many applications in the customer service world which can be classified as: Applications such as biometric security, natural language IVR, situation intervention and guided scripting that are used ‘in call’. Speech analytics […]

Delivering the Pledge on Patient Experiences

Lord Darzi’s vision is to “put the patient at the heart of everything we do with the provision of healthcare”. Budd’s latest minibook helps all providers of healthcare services in the NHS understand what this means for improving the end to end patient experience. In the private sector, many companies have fallen into the trap […]

The commercial benefits of listening to customers

Most forward thinking managers would agree that the voice of the customer is the most important voice in the organisation. But current methods for capturing and acting upon the voice of the customer fall short of what’s needed to drive effective business change. Get it right however, and the benefits to the customer and the […]


How is it that some 21st Century business can succeed without a marketing budget? Amazon, eBay and Facebook do! They understand that today’s customers can easily and extremely rapidly share their opinions about your business – good and bad – to a very wide audience. Relying on marketing material to promote your brand will not […]