Performance: Are you heading for the summit or the closed loop?

I had the great pleasure of working with Alan Hinkes last week. It was the start of the 10th year of our Chief Customer Officer Forum and we were honoured to host Alan. Who? What – you’ve never heard of one of the UK’s greatest sporting achievers? Imagine a cyclist who was brave enough to win a race in […]

What ever happened to ‘The Best Service Is No Service’ ?

Bill Price (US), David Jaffe (Australia) and myself have been talking about and implementing The Best Service Is No Service ideas for over a decade. In this post we share our thoughts on how companies have been using The Best Service Is No Service in various countries. It’s seven years since Bill and David’s bestseller was published demonstrating how to […]

Treating Customers Fairly

By the end of March 2008, firms within the financial services sector are expected to have appropriate management information (MI) or measures in place to test whether they are treating their customers fairly. By the end of December 2008 all firms are expected to be able to demonstrate to themselves and to the FSA that […]

Managing demand

How much has really changed in your business over the last 5 years? What have you implemented that has really improved customer satisfaction and cost to serve? Does it make a difference? Is the customer satisfaction score showing improvement or are demand volumes still rising? This article starts to give some answers as to how […]

The first 100 days of a marketing director

The First 100 Days The first few months of any new job are pressurised. But for Marketing Directors, the pressure to perform can be acute. The seeds of future success or failure are sown early, and visibly – in the first 100 days (F100D). We spoke to 25 of the UK’s most senior marketing professionals, […]

Skyline a short introduction

A short article published in 2005 describing Amazon’s Skyline process for eliminating unnecessary contact. Skyline is part of a unique process and powerful tool now available from Budd. Organisations using Skyline know that demand management and good customer experiences do not conflict with each other. Reducing costs by 20% per year, increasing revenues and still […]

The CRM challenge

Many companies have been mentioned in the news recently, not for their success in implementing customer relationship management (CRM), but for the millions of pounds they have invested and their failure to realise the returns they envisaged. Why does it go so wrong Well, many CRM programmes tend to be driven from a technical stand […]