The shipper is your retail experience – what travel companies can learn

A delay due to Storm Ciara means I didn’t get back yesterday – or today. Easyjet sort of coped. But there’s a lot of effort on both sides and lots of mopping up to do regarding payments and reclaims. On the good side, their app was actually up to date, the delay alerts came through […]

What ever happened to ‘The Best Service Is No Service’ ?

Bill Price (US), David Jaffe (Australia) and myself have been talking about and implementing The Best Service Is No Service ideas for over a decade. In this post we share our thoughts on how companies have been using The Best Service Is No Service in various countries. It’s seven years since Bill and David’s bestseller was published demonstrating how to […]

Don’t test your product on the customer

Here’s great case of “you’re stealing my life“.  I bought a dog ‘wearable’. To experiment with. My wife’s a vet so it’s important to know. And besides everyone’s got a wearable for themselves already. It’s a Tracca and after reading up, it looks like the only one designed for the UK market in the UK. No […]

You’re stealing my life!

I often start with the ‘morning list’ when I talk at conferences about removing service effort and creating the emotions that match your brand. You know the tasks that auto-pop or a list on a bit of paper or the stickies around your screen. Not the ones for work. The jobs that have to be squiggled in between meetings. The […]

Talking shop at home

From this week’s local Seattle-area Puget Sound Business Journal. Thanks to Bill. Jeff Brotman is co-founder and chairman of retailer Costco. Their great grandfather, Edel Brotman, emigrated from Eastern Europe in the 1800s to Canada, opening a wine and liquor business in Winnipeg. Then in 1923, Samuel Brotman, one of Edel’s 10 children, moved to Tacoma, opening Brotman’s Trading […]

How useful is a wiki

Recently, whilst working within a financial institution an interesting scenario came to light. There was no formal knowledge management system for front line staff. Some agents had manuals that were up to twelve years old, some had produced their own note books and most just asked each other questions. The result was information chaos for […]

100 things you can learn from SOUTHWEST AIRLINES

Southwest Airlines has a reputation for low costs and customers like this, but that’s only part of the reason for the company’s sustained and profitable success. Most importantly, success stems from the overall experience that customers and employees encounter with this airline, which is now both high touch and high tech. The whole organization manages […]

100 things you can learn from Disney

As part of sharing best practice in customer service excellence, Budd has researched Disney to illuminate why they are so successful in repeat business and why so many customers stay loyal. With Disney, it’s not just a matter of exceptional content – they certainly have that! It’s much more than delivering magical moments or making […]

100 things you can learn from GOOGLE

In Budd’s “100 Things you can learn from…” series, we provide insights into companies who are acknowledged leaders in making it easy for their customers to do business with them. So, what is it that makes these companies different? Obviously no one single thing makes the difference. A common characteristic, however, is the exceptional involvement […]

Flexible Resourcing at Carnival UK

See how Carnival UK handled 19% more calls with only 4% more people, through seasonal time-banking and increasing the part-time ratio from 5% to 25%, reducing abandon calls by 10% and increasing coaching time by 5%. As part of wider business changes, a new, larger resource planning team took the pressing need for flexibility and […]