A tale of two cities: The Internet of Things versus the Aga

Going through a kitchen rebuild….read half a house house rebuild…..I thought I’d check out all the internet of things I can buy for a kitchen or connected house. I did it out of interest in the earlier stages, but found nothing that life changing. Yes I could put a turkey in the microwave and it […]

Leadership by perception

#Manflu so a day off and time to ponder “Leadership by perception” and then how it applies to the approaching recession. Learning by listening outside your bubble I have spent a fair bit of time trying to understand by listening harder to people who voted out of Europe. In my small sample there are 3 […]

Citizens of the world

It’s a small world. I’m in Singapore and Melbourne this week. And I owe a big thank you or two. I was supposed to be back in London hosting our Chief Customer Officer Forum after presenting in Singapore to help my French colleagues who have set up there. Hosting at a certain xenophobic newspaper strangely […]

The opposite of honesty is….not speaking out

I’m conscious not to bring my politics to Linked In followers. Normally, whatever that is.  BTW I’m an agnostic – I don’t believe any politician over another. But I respect that they do the job I’m not prepared to do and in any democracy, someone has got to do it. But I feel I should […]

How to handle truth in a post-factual era

Never waste a good crisis. Take this debate to your board colleagues as to how “post-factual” you are. What is this “post-factual” era? The blurring of fact and fiction. The removal of the link between claim and evidence. For example, I listened to the Police Chief Of Yorkshire arguing on Radio 4 last week it was his […]

Reflecting on a week of stretching both brain and body

My annual time out was this year taken in isolation rather with colleagues. A week in Rome to fulfil a long held ambition to learn Italian – well at least some Italian, not all of it! A 3 hour per day morning course (with Koiné) using very practical workshop techniques. And what lovely people from […]

Performance: Are you heading for the summit or the closed loop?

I had the great pleasure of working with Alan Hinkes last week. It was the start of the 10th year of our Chief Customer Officer Forum and we were honoured to host Alan. Who? What – you’ve never heard of one of the UK’s greatest sporting achievers? Imagine a cyclist who was brave enough to win a race in […]

Actions speak louder than ears

What makes a “doer” i.e. someone who gets stuff done? The kind of person you want on your team every time. The kind of person whose team you want to be on. Fitness, sleep, energy. Pace, delivery, cycle time. Decision making, leadership, success. Fitness, sleep, energy. Pace, delivery, cycle time…… I’ve been thinking about these […]

Would you prioritise differently if your KPIs were pain, hope and death rate?

It’s quite “interesting” to read the political rhetoric of the NHS, the statistics of an ageing population, changes in social care and responsibilities due to cuts to local authority budgets – all whilst experiencing the day to day of a mother with a broken pelvis and elbow who has gone from poorly to very ill […]

But do you recall what was revealed, the day the TV died. So bye bye….

We all know the lyrics to American Pie, especially once we’ve had a beer or two. Have I ever told you the story of American Pie, two Aspens and the only two Italian Chinese restaurants in the world? Maybe on another day…. Did you know “the day the music died” is 3rd February 1959. Why? It’s the […]