The shipper is your retail experience – what travel companies can learn

A delay due to Storm Ciara means I didn’t get back yesterday – or today. Easyjet sort of coped. But there’s a lot of effort on both sides and lots of mopping up to do regarding payments and reclaims. On the good side, their app was actually up to date, the delay alerts came through […]


Looks like EDF gets to keep my business #honestyworks What? Why? What’s he on about? My Facebook and news feeds are a frenzy of stories about lying in public office, both sides of the pond. So much so that the Newsthump mickey taking story about £350m for the NHS feels flat compared to actual stories admitting […]

“The Best Service Is No Service” Installation experiences for IoT

As the kitchen project has gone live, I’ve been struck by the quality of thinking and execution from Amazon Echo, Nest and Ring. “The Service is No Service” starts in the design phase. And I’ll illustrate the differences to bring out the level of thinking invested by these companies. They all require you to download their […]

Stolen phone: have you designed a moment of truth or undesigned a car crash?

Having had to fight off a would-be phone thief recently in Turin, I’m probably pretty aware as these things go. But not aware enough even for a rough looking Gare du Nord RER station. All the warning signals were there from lack of staff, people skipping trains, furtive eyes. All the zips were zipped etc. […]

Would you prioritise differently if your KPIs were pain, hope and death rate?

It’s quite “interesting” to read the political rhetoric of the NHS, the statistics of an ageing population, changes in social care and responsibilities due to cuts to local authority budgets – all whilst experiencing the day to day of a mother with a broken pelvis and elbow who has gone from poorly to very ill […]

But do you recall what was revealed, the day the TV died. So bye bye….

We all know the lyrics to American Pie, especially once we’ve had a beer or two. Have I ever told you the story of American Pie, two Aspens and the only two Italian Chinese restaurants in the world? Maybe on another day…. Did you know “the day the music died” is 3rd February 1959. Why? It’s the […]

What ever happened to ‘The Best Service Is No Service’ ?

Bill Price (US), David Jaffe (Australia) and myself have been talking about and implementing The Best Service Is No Service ideas for over a decade. In this post we share our thoughts on how companies have been using The Best Service Is No Service in various countries. It’s seven years since Bill and David’s bestseller was published demonstrating how to […]

Don’t test your product on the customer

Here’s great case of “you’re stealing my life“.  I bought a dog ‘wearable’. To experiment with. My wife’s a vet so it’s important to know. And besides everyone’s got a wearable for themselves already. It’s a Tracca and after reading up, it looks like the only one designed for the UK market in the UK. No […]

You’re stealing my life!

I often start with the ‘morning list’ when I talk at conferences about removing service effort and creating the emotions that match your brand. You know the tasks that auto-pop or a list on a bit of paper or the stickies around your screen. Not the ones for work. The jobs that have to be squiggled in between meetings. The […]

It’s renewal time again – how insurance has moved on. Or not.

Had to spend a bit of time late last night, continued this morning, to insure my Land Rover. Very pleasing to see how some things have moved on. And some haven’t. So here’s the latest journey between me and my suppliers, tracked ‘Me2B‘ style. Any comments from insurers welcomed, on or offline. To be honest […]