Don’t talk about me

Listening to this Economist article is different from reading it. Because they keep saying “Alexa” and Alexa is always listening and recognises her name…… Interrupts continue until they ask Alexa the weight of the sun in grams, an endless answer, and then tell her firmly to stop. Which stops the podcast too – as I’m […]

A tale of two cities: The Internet of Things versus the Aga

Going through a kitchen rebuild….read half a house house rebuild…..I thought I’d check out all the internet of things I can buy for a kitchen or connected house. I did it out of interest in the earlier stages, but found nothing that life changing. Yes I could put a turkey in the microwave and it […]

Stolen phone: have you designed a moment of truth or undesigned a car crash?

Having had to fight off a would-be phone thief recently in Turin, I’m probably pretty aware as these things go. But not aware enough even for a rough looking Gare du Nord RER station. All the warning signals were there from lack of staff, people skipping trains, furtive eyes. All the zips were zipped etc. […]

Identity Theft

On the assumption that everything that happens in America happens here eighteen months later, Britain seems set for a nuclear explosion in identity theft, with the potential for lingering contamination in the economic system. Eradicating this is probably impossible at this stage, but control is a realistic aspiration, provided that identity handlers can sympathize, empathize, […]