I saw this article trending on Linked In called “Be happier; 10 things to stop doing right now” and it reminded me of several good things I’ve learned but forget to practice.

It reminded me of the behaviours that colleague Jonathan Wilson practices so well. And as a result he’s self confident and easy to work with. He taught me you have to be 6 times more positive than negative – try it, it’s hard to do.

I’ll let you read the content of the article but I wanted to highlight the “so what?”

Can you think of one or more of your colleagues who’s Mr or Mrs blame, impress, cling, interrupt, whine, control, criticise, preach, dwell & fear?

Hopefully not all of them appear in your boss?!! But it’s too easy and not useful really.

So now think of someone who is the opposite – Mr or Mrs responsible, modest, accept, listen, positive, space, coach, question, imagine & courage.

It’s hard. But you can find some of the behaviours in some of the team? Now go catch them out using these positive behaviours and say thanks to reinforce them, say thanks so other people know its what you want. Ask your team how many of these positive behaviours you display and be aware of them. Don’t take them for granted. Use them.

I talked in my last blog about minimalism in management. These positive traits have helped me understand how to be proactively minimalist!

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