Half term holidays are a great time for catching up on your reading. As a long lapsed physicist I decided it was time to catch up on what happened of consequence by reading “Beyond Einstein” by physicist Michio Kaku and author Jennifer Thompson. Nothing too heavy, just the quest for the single unified theory of the universe…… They’ve decided it’s all held together by string apparently, superstrings. Think guitar strings: the same string can play many different notes. A string can be many different things. Bear in mind Einstein spent the last 30 years of his life working on this and getting nowhere, so you are forgiven if you don’t make it to the stunning conclusion at the end of this blog!

I won’t bore you why the universe was ten dimensional before Big Bang turned it 4 dimensional (time and 3D space); you’ll have to read the surprisingly accessible book for all that. I must admit I came away, long ago, from a year in a lab and 3 years study, thinking physics was pretty boring. When people asked at student parties “what do you study?” I either said psychology as it led to a more entertaining conversation, or better still answered “what do you think?” Then you really find out what they think! Try it next time someone asks you what you do for a living. So I start this blog with some trepidation as it involves the physics of the workplace!!


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