Southwest Airlines has a reputation for low costs and customers like this, but that’s only part of the reason for the company’s sustained and profitable success. Most importantly, success stems from the overall experience that customers and employees encounter with this airline, which is now both high touch and high tech. The whole organization manages to integrate the tangibles of operational service metrics with the intangibles of people experience. Management takes a holistic view of what they are doing in the business, which is summarized in the company’s Golden Rule: We will treat our Internal Customers the way that they are being asked to treat our External Customers, or Passengers

Southwest Airlines is a major US airline that has recently achieved its 100th consecutive profitable quarter. To give an idea of how extraordinary that is, few airlines achieve four successive profitable quarters, let alone successive profitable years. Southwest Airlines has also won more service awards than any other airline in the USA and has won the Triple Crown (most punctual, fewest complaints and fewest lost bags) for more months than any other US airline. It has also grown consistently year on year.


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